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Optimized Web Content

Your web page is made up of three elements: Design, Images, and Text. The design is best left to an expert Graphic Designer who will choose images and build back-links and other technical structures that optimize your pages for visitors. The text is where I come in. Just as you wouldn't hire a writer to design your site, don't hire a designer to write your content. Good design brings customers to your page. Excellent content keeps them there. 

$.25/ Word

Blog Creation

Now that you've built a site full of optimized content, it's time to expand on your offerings as an industry leader. The more time customers spend on your site, the more likely they are to click-through and purchase your services. Provide your visitors with bookmark-worthy, shareable content in the form of a regularly updated blog. Regular postings keep your brand relevant in your customer's minds. 

Pricing includes posting to one blog site of your choice. 

$25/ 300-400 word post

Whitepages Writing Services

More in-depth and meatier than quick-read blog articles, white pages provide your visitors with more useful information, establishing your brand as an expert in the marketplace. You might offer white pages as a free download on your site, or as exclusive content to paying members. 

$50/ 500-1000 word article

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